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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

RANDOM QUESTION...... It's a bit long but I need opinions!!!

What do you do when the sex is all you have left?

Ok, let me set up a scenario for you.... You've been with your partner for some time and you pretty much want to choke them when you're awake but you know that when bed time comes your going to get taken like the first night you met. The passion, desire and need to be with them is so strong that you can look over the stupid things that made you bicker all day. You actually get excited throughout the day knowing what will happen when you go to bed. Lately though, it seems like it's all rushed, the is no excitement, no need to(@ad the thought of even taking off your clothes for the few minutes that the sex will happen. You do anyway as they still give you goose bumps when they enter you.

It becomes a battle within. Do you just say no or just go through the motions because you know it still feels amazing and then feel guilty because you gave in even when you didn't want to. Your mind knows that there are still those moments that feel fantastic. But are those moments enough to keep dealing with the daily crap, the feeling of being treated like a child, the want to bang your head against the wall because you spoke and started a conversation on accident and now they are babbling on about the stupidest shit! In the back of your head you're thinking, "Why did I even speak??"

Why? Because you know how amazing that feeling is going to be later that evening will be. Even if it does only last for about 30 seconds. It is so worth it.

Do you stay and deal with all the daily bullshit for the sex??

I'm researching a new idea and need some feedback!! He may be a huge sexy hunky but is it worth staying for the sex that may not happen again for days at a time, sometimes over a month before it happens again. Because he is not in the mood as much as you are. (You would think after this long he would be ecstatic that you still want him so much.)

Would you leave the stability of this relationship to start new and hoping that the sex doesn't fade over time, or hell is even good to begin with when you know the person next to you can make you walk funny the next day?

Keep in mind that the only time sex happens is in the bed, at night only. Attempting to get them to do it during the day or a place out of the bedroom is out of the question. Back when they first met, when they drank like fish. He was willing to do it any time or place. I'm guessing to make get happy. Puppy love can be a good thing by it never lasts long enough....

What would you do??

I have the story idea and how I want it to go but this is the twist. Can she leave this and stay away when she finds that the men cannot compare to what she had relationship? Can a new man be trained? Hell do you even have the every to do it all over again?

Figure the woman to be in her thirties, no kids, really stressful, great paying job. She does have to travel. He never surprises her, sends her flowers or naughty gifts. It's like there is not a passionate bone in his body, except when he takes her at night in their bed.....

Would you deal or Just start over, hoping that this one will just all come naturally? That he will feel you so much that crazy gifts show up randomly because he thought of you while at the store. (Don't we all want this man!!)