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Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Fire is Gone

Bre Meli

Sparks flew between us when we met.
Hands touching flesh
Lips never getting enough
Entangled in the night as we dream of the days to come.

Time goes by.
We fight.
We make up.
We love.
We lie.

Now as I help you fix your tie.
After spending hours preparing to be beautiful for you.
Soften my skin, hoping for your caress.
Wearing that dress you've always loved, praying to once again see that desire in your eyes.

I spend the evening watching you mingle.
Sitting alone.

The music slows.
Not once do you ask me to dance.
As the cameras flash everywhere.
Not once do you hold me close and ask for one of you and I.

People all around, dancing, laughing, making memories.

The only memories that I will leave with are sad visions of you not being near me.

It seems our time is coming to an end.

That once enormous flame,
Now smolders attempting to break through the ashes to burn bright once again.

The flame I fear is gone.