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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Losing the Spark

It's sad that over the years the passion fades, that lust which drives you insane wanting to just feel their touch becomes one sided.

Why does it slowly disappear?

We dive into this enticing affair with the idea that the desire for one another will last forever.

Many years later you lay next to that person wondering, how? How did we lose that fire? What made it burn out?

Now you feel more like their roommate than their lover. The times when they would walk through the door and take you right there because those hours apart made their thirst for your touch, taste, smile actually had then thinking they were going insane without you. 

You lay there at night hoping that they are dreaming of you and wake with that intense flame re-lit and attack from the obscene dream that had invaded their sleep.

Now you wonder, is starting over a better option? Search for that desire in someone new. Is it worth losing all of those sweet moments that still exist. Those tiny morsels that make you believe all of what once was still hides beneath the surface. The absolute closeness that you will lose if you look for that spark in another. How do you bring it back? Can you bring it back?

This is what drives me to write. These thoughts, desires, needs that lie deep within me. That way to give that hope to another that may be feeling the way I myself do from time to time. Bring that spark back into the readers eye so they can once again ignite the Flame from within.